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Ukulele longboard 9’2″

Surfboard, Longboard 9'2"

9″2 Longboard PU construction I surf it almost daily so it’s watertight and in good shape. Great for a trip since conditions here in baja don’t get too big very fun to walk the nose or performance on those faster steeper waves. Takayama fin you can adjust to your liking.

Surfboard length 9'2"
Fins setup 2+1
Surfer's level Any
Surfboard conditions Good: good conditions but used
Board is in good shape a few dings but water tight. Surfs beautifully I surf it almost daily and amongst my favorite to surf here in baja. Catches a ton of waves and gets you in early for a long fun ride.
No deposit required
Surfboard accessories
Day bag
Board sock
Soft roof racks
Spot map
Surfboard rating 4.0 based on 1 reviews

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