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Thruster Koala Egg 5’10”

Surfboard, Shortboard 5'10"

5’10” x 19 1/2 x 2 7/16 (31 lts). Punta ancha y redondeada, rocker suave, cantos llenos en toda la tabla y en la parte final mantiene el volumen con cantos boxy y bastante duros a partir de las quillas. Cóncavo suave a lo largo de casi toda la tabla, pasando a doble cóncavo en la parte trasera, con una cola ancha (aunque no en exceso) en round pin, que le ha de dar gran fluidez a la tabla. Una tabla que se puede usar en ola de playa para surfistas de nivel medio-alto. Wide and rounded tip, soft rocker, full edges in the whole board and in the end maintains the volume with boxy edges and quite hard from the keels. Soft concave along most of the board, double-concave in the back, with a wide (but not in excess) round pin tail, which should give great fluidity to the board. A very enjoyable board that can be used in beach waves for medium-high surfers.

Surfboard length 5'10"
Surfboard width 19 1/2
Surfboard thickness 2 7/16
Surfboard volume 31
Fins setup thruster
Surfer's level Intermediate
Surfboard conditions Good: good conditions but used
Usada pero en perfectas condiciones, shiny! (ver fotos) Used but in perfect conditions! (see pics)
The owner requires a deposit of EUR 150
Surfboard accessories
Day bag
Board sock
Soft roof racks
Spot map
Surfboard rating 4.0 based on 1 reviews

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