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Hayden Shapes Shred Sled 5’6

Surfboard, Shortboard 5'6"

Shortboard for most types of waves. It has around 23L so it’s best suited for people not much taller than 1m75 and heavier than 70Kg. Made with the Polyurethane-Epoxy “Future-flex” construction typical of the Hayden Shapes surfboards. In other words, it’s epoxy with pretty stiff rails. The surfboard has a 5 future fins setup and a small & well-repaired scar near one of the fins due to a meeting with a less-than-friendly rock. It has a surfboard mount for the Sony Action Cams.

Board length 5'6"
Board width 18"3/4
Board thickness 2"1/4
Board volume 23
Fins setup thruster
Surfer's level Intermediate
Surfboard conditions Good: good conditions but used
The board is in very good shape since the eooxy used by the brand is very strong.
The owner requires a deposit of EUR 50
Day bag
Board sock
Soft roof racks
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Rating 4.0 based on 1 reviews

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