Surfy Nomads 6 August 2017

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Guy Surfboards

20 avenue de Layatz, 64500 St Jean de Luz / France

Every year the limits of surfing are pushed further. We all see this in the surfing media, and then our perception of what-is-evolves accordingly. Pro surfers are getting stronger and stronger, and their boards are becoming more sophisticated. Any evolution of surfing is necessarily accompanied by an evolution of surf-design. Creating a better board is the result of a symbiotic work between surfer and shaper.

Surfboards by Guy Surfboards for rent on Surfy Nomads

Surf rental: Guy Surfboards Slug
€ 10 / day + fixed fees
Surf rental: Guy Surfboards Fish 5’1″
€ 10 / day + fixed fees
Surf rental: Guy Surfboards twin fin 5.11
€ 10 / day + fixed fees