Surfy Nomads 24 May 2017

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Luis Meneses

Lisbon Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian

Surfer for 36 years, born and raised in Portugal, Lisbon and Cascais were my homes, Caparica and Guincho my fav spots and where I began to surf. At 30yo began to longboard and 8 years ago started to SUP. Love to ride all equipments but prefer my 9’6 model T, My 5’7 2gen quad simmons, 9’0 Laird SUP or my 7’8 quad Nah Skwell SUP. Have a bunch of boards to ride and lend to my friends including a 6’3 Campbell Bros Bonzer, a 6’6 epoxy Resin 8 or a 9’0 Lufi epoxy Longboard an 8’0 full carbon SUP and a 8’3 F-One wave SUP, among many others.

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