Surfy Nomads 28 avril 2017

The worldwide surfer to surfer surfboard rental

Louer votre planche de surf

Pricing policy

Our main goal is to provide an hassle free travelling experience to surfers and help them find the best board at their destination. We don’t want surfers to pay too much for a rental, especially if they want to rent a board for a longer period of time: if the price of the rental gets too close to the price of a second hand surfboard, renting makes no sense.

On the owner side: renting a board requires a minimal effort (not comparable with that required for renting an apartment) and for this reason we believe it makes sense to keep prices fixed and low.

We suggest owners not to rent their new, shiny and favourite boards: just rent you older and less used ones.

Fixed fees

The Surfy Nomads rental has a fixed fee for pickup and return of the board, to remunerate the owner for the time spend giving the board and getting it back.

Surf rental fixed rates

Daily fees

The normal daily fee is € 10,00/day. After the 14th day we apply a long term rental fee of € 5,00/day: this allows to keep the cost of longer rentals affordable.

Surf rental daily fees


Here are some examples of the total amount of a surfboard rental for different periods of time:
Surf rental fees examples


All fees are set in € Euro and will be converted in other currencies (US $, AUD $, UK £, South Africa ZAR) using exchange rates from Yahoo (updated once a day).