Surfy Nomads 12 septembre 2018

The worldwide surfer to surfer surfboard rental

Louer votre planche de surf

Comment fonctionne Surfy Nomads

You are a

surfboard owner

Rent out your surfboards to surfers travelling near you.

Rent out the boards you use less often or those you are planning to sell. Surfy Nomads is a valuable alternative to sell a surfboard: in the long term you can earn much more.

You are

planning a surf trip

Leave your own boards safe at home.

Choose the best board for you surf trip and rent it directly at your destination. Broken or lost boards, baggage fees and length limitations are no longer a problem.


The surfboard's owner can choose to request a deposit: the costs of repairing of any damage will be deducted from the deposit. If the board is not returned the deposit will be fully kept by the owner.

Fixed fees

Rental fees on Surfy Nomads are fixed. We want to keep rentals affordable: a surfboard is not an apartment and rental fees can't be too high.


Every money transaction happens outside Surfy Nomads and it's up to you (the surfboard owner and the renter) to decide if use cash, PayPal or any other mean.

Surfy Nomads service fee

At the moment there's no fee for the Surfy Nomads' service, the service is free (...but don't get used to that).

Where to start

Simple... list your surfboards!