Surfy Nomads 12 September 2018

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We surf and we travel. And we know that travelling with surfboards can be annoying, expensive and a broken or lost board can ruin your trip. A worldwide surf rental is the solution to this problem.

We are working to offer you an hassle free experience when you travel to surf: no more surf bags, no more issues with airlines, no lost bags or damaged boards. With Surfy Nomads you can choose among a wide range of different surfboards rented by local surfers and enter in contact with the local surf community.

And what about that old surfboard you forgot in your garage? We offer the possibility to get paid by renting your old and less-used equipment with minimal effort.

Surfy Nomads is the global p2p surfboard rental community.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Surfy Nomads.